Premier 3rd Party Firestop Inspections

Your one stop for Firestop Inspections!

We meet all requirements for AHJ’s plus some… we can handle your remodel or your ground up project. Working on a healthcare facility? We meet all OSHPD requirements as well. Need some consulting, were here to help!

Fire & Life Safety!

Passive systems when installed correctly help complete the triangle. How do you know your asset is protected correctly? By a qualified 3rd party inspection.

Trusted Professionals

We offer our services with professionalism. Our inspections are first rate, we know the importance you place on your project and life safety!

Why Firestop Inspections?

Its required by building code! Want to know how we can work with you to save lives? Just give us a call. We can do visual inspections or destructive testing and work with your construction team.

Let’s StartYour Next Project Together

We keep an eye on budget,  stay on top of schedules for timely delivery, provide exceptional, detail oriented reports, provide destructive testing or visual inspections, and work closely with the construction team to ensure you’re on schedule and protecting your asset.