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California Firestop Inspections LLC offers a variety of services to meet your 3rd party inspection needs. We work with you during planning to discuss schedules, inspection types, and requirements. We work with your contractors and construction teams to coordinate on site visual inspections or destructive testing. If you need guidance on UL System selection, were here for that as well.

Containment and control are key to reduce the destructive nature of fire. A 1/4″ size hole in a fire rated barrier can allow enough smoke and gases through to fill a 20×20 adjacent room in under 4 minutes! 75% or more of all fire related deaths are caused by smoke and gasses, not the fire! Help life safety, help protect your asset and ensure firestop is done, and done right.

Have some questions and want to learn how we can help you on your specific project or requirements, just ask! We’re available for your project, and even though were based in California, we love traveling the country to ensure fire and life safety standards are being met on your buildings requirements.


Our combined experience and familiarity provides added benefit throughout the project, from preconstruction, development, and construction stages of projects.

3rd Party Firestop Inspections

Fire and life safety is important to us, and important to you. We dont need to discuss code, you already know that, but implementing a passive system in your building that can save lives is imperative!


We can perform 3rd party inspections on OSHPD or AHJ requirements on remodels or new construction. We can also provide you, the building owner with annual reviews to ensure new work is done correctly, and no work was done to jeopardize your facilities fire rating integrity.


We can perform destructive testing, or visual inspections for your remodeling project, including healthcare facilities under OSHPD requirements.